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Waterfowl Taxidermy & Upland Bird Taxidermy in
Alabama by Master Bird Taxidermist Blake Wilson

We Specialize in Waterfowl Taxidermy & Upland Bird Taxidermy

(Q): How do I properly package a bird i'm interested in mounting ?
(A) As soon as you kill a bird that you are interested in mounting, place the bird's head on it's back or under it's wing. Place in a plastic bag(ice bags or garbage bags work great) and DO NOT seal until the bird has cooled down. Prior to placing into the freezer seal the bag and remove as much air from the bag as possible. DO NOT wrap in newspaper. It will pull the moisture out of the bird and cause freezer burn very quickly.
(Q) How do I ship a bird to Wings Over Water Studios ?
(A) Contact our studio to let us know that you will be sending the bird. For migratory birds. Download a migratory bird tag and fill it out completly .Place tag in the box with the bird. Place the bird in a small styrofoam cooler or cardboard box. Fill the container with either newspaper or styrofoam peanuts for insulation. Write # and species of bird on the outside of box (lower left hand corner under shippers name). Ship to our studio via FedEx or U.P.S. 2nd Day Air.
(Q) How long should I expect to wait for my mount to be completed ?
(A) Approximately 9 months
(Q) Is there a price difference between flying or standing mounts ?
(A) Prices are the same for any pose. Any habitat work or glass case work is extra.
(Q) I have a duck or goose to mount and the bill is damaged from shot. Is this a problem that can be fixed?
(A) Any damage to the bill is not an issue as i use reproduction cast heads on all waterfowl.